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What types of device drivers can be updated? Motherboard drivers are small programs that are read from the base while the operating system to activate windows and computer functions. These drivers usually include computer programs that allow broadband connections, USB connectors and ports of entry/leave the keyboard and mouse. According to the manufacturer of the motherboard, this driver can contain basic to support audio and video drivers. You can easily update these drivers with DriverMax, free tool to update PC drivers. Search and download updated drivers for all hardware devices! Hardware drivers are programs that are designed to allow for pieces of hardware in a teamwork. Graphics cards, sound cards, network cards and other expansion cards are supplied with the CD with the drivers before installing the equipment. Other devices, such as certain types of MP3 players and digital cameras are programmed personal computer PC driver, which is more in your software for ease of use. DriverMax free download all updates, you easy driver pro serial number could have for your PC (video card, network card, graphics card, sound driver, Bluetooth, USB, camera, keyboard, mouse, disk drivers, etc.,) and ,.